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How the corona situation affects the public transport.

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School transport and infection control

Schools and guardians are encouraged to guide students on how to use transportation to and from school before starting.

School transport in Trøndelag

Health authorities are urging not to travel collectively. We therefore encourage students who can travel to and from school in other ways to do so. The school transport is facilitated to be safe for everyone, school lines will therefore be a closed offer only for pupils and students. Pupils traveling with regular lines must adhere to the guidelines given for public transport and infection control.

All school lines and departures can be found at and in the app AtB Reise.


The driver and school will coordinate boarding to ensure that distance requirements of one meter are met. Boarding and disembarking must take place via the middle and back doors. The driver will assist students in need of assistance in crossing the road or otherwise as before.


School t:cards must be brought. On the buses where card reader is available and where the card can be validated without touch, validation is encouraged. Tickets cannot be purchased on board, and ticket purchases without a school t:card must be made via mobile in the AtB Mobillett app or by SMS.

Seating on board

The driver will monitor that the pupils wear seat belts and sit correctly in terms of distance and seating position on board. Students should sit at least one seat apart. On a bus with four seats per row, one student sits by window on one side and one student at aisle on the other side. They should not sit directly in front or behind each other and no one should sit in the front row. Seats not be used will be marked, and the drivers will be available at all times. Siblings who travel on the same bus can sit together. The illustratino below is an example on how the students are placed in relation to each other.

Translation of text in illustration



The cleaning of the school buses has been strengthened, and the buses are cleaned both outside and inside daily. Disinfection of frequently affected surfaces, such as handles and stop buttons, is done every morning and afternoon before starting school transport. The driver will have disposable gloves and disinfectant available on board.


School lines can be used by all students. For reasons of capacity and distance requirements, students who do not have school transport by decision will not be guaranteed a place on board. Extra capacity is added if needed.

School transport with taxi

School transport with taxi introduces new routines due to infection control. The main rule is that there should be at least one seat between passengers and no passengers in the front seat.

The number of students per car is according to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum two passengers in 5 seater.
  • Maximum four passengers in 7 or 8 seater.
  • Maximum eight passengers in 17 seater.
  • For three or more passengers, large cars are used that follow the same routines as bus.

Guidelines can be waived in special cases, for example when the siblings travel together. The cars are cleaned daily and frequently affected surfaces are disinfected after each trip. 

We wish all students safe journey to school.