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How the corona situation affects the public transport.

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Routes for boat back to normal

The ferries will return to normal routes from April 30th and passenger boats from May 1st, with some exceptions.

Passenger limit

In order to reduce the risk of infection there will be a limitation in the number of passengers for passenger boats. Capacity for number of cars on ferry will not change. Below you can read the guidelines for infection prevention on board boats and ferries. Cafes on board will still be closed.

See new timetables at

Passenger boat

  • Passenger capacity on board willbe reduced to keep distance.
  • Passengers are seated with at least one seat in between. See seating chart below.
  • Passengers from the same household can sit side by side.


  • Passengers with a car are encouraged to sit in the car during the crossing.
  • Passengers staying in the lounge have at least one seat in between.


There is no ticketing on board due to contamination concerns. Buy ticket for all travel in Trøndelag on your mobile.

Read how to buy a passenger boat ticket.

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