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  • All in one app

    24. April

    Plan your trip and buy a ticket for bus, tram and on-demandtransport in the same app.

  • Lost property

    Lost something?

    13. February

    Lost property on our buses, tram and boats are taken care of by AtB service center or our operators in Trøndelag.

  • Night bus and night tram

    01. February

    With night bus and tram you can get home safely night to Saturday and Sunday. Here you will find information on when it runs and from where, and how to buy a ticket.

  • Fares from 2 January 2023

    18. December

    Following a decision by the Trøndelag County Council on 15th December 2022, new fares will be effective from 2nd January 2023. Updated fares are available here.

  • Download the app AtB

    01. June

    Find your next trip in the app AtB! The app has been developed especially for travelers in Trøndelag and will eventually cover all the needs you may have as a traveler.

  • We have expanded the single ticket in zone A

    16. May

    Travel as much as you want for three hours with a single ticket purchased on Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and after 18 on weekdays - in Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik, Stjørdal and Skaun!

  • New and improved travel routes at Østmarka and Lade

    17. February

    New opportunities from February 21st! Travel directly between Lade and Østmarka from both Byåsen, St. Olav's hospital, Tiller and Torgård. There will also be adjustments to timetables in the Trondheim area for more efficient travel.

  • Travel further for the same price

    27. September

    Ticket zone A is extended to apply to the entire Stjørdal and Melhus municipality. Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik and Stjørdal gets equal price on period tickets for buses, trams and trains. Even more reasons to travel by public transport!

  • New webshop for t:cards

    06. August

    Buy tickets in the new webshop for t:cards to travel with bus or tram. Read about how to start using the webshop.

  • We are upgrading!

    25. June

    AtB are gradually upgrading to a new customer portal for travel and real-time information, and ticket purchases. We are in the process of gathering the various services and making it easier for you as a customer. Read about what's new and what it means to you.

  • We are changing the ticket system

    24. June

    Do you travel with t:card on a bus or tram in the Trondheim area? We are changing the equipment on board. Read about how it will affect you when you travel.

  • Change of periodic ticket 180 days

    29. January

    Towards the summer, AtB will gradually transition to a new ticket system. This has some practical consequences for purchase of tickets in today's systems. In a transitional phase, it will therefore only be possible to buy longer periodic tickets in the app AtB Mobillett. Read more about when changes occur.

  • Have your tried our apps?

    01. September

    Travel easier with our apps. Download AtB for route information and real time info, and AtB Mobillett for tickets in all of Trøndelag.

  • Zone A adjustments

    06. March

    On wednesday the 6th of March, the zone boundaries is moved for travel by bus in Skaun and Malvik. 

  • Terms and conditions for t:card are updated

    10. December

    The update means that any balance on lost t:cards submitted to AtB not collected within six months is taken out of the card. See complete terms and conditions  and new point 5 about remaining value in lost and unclaimed t:cards.

  • Free ferry from August 16

    29. June

    The ferry between Levanger - Hokstad and Ølhammeren - Seierstad will be free for vehicles and passengers from August 16 2023. Read about how to get refund of pre-purchased tickets.